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Royal Viking Sea - Royal Viking Line

Transferred - 1973 to 1991
Royal Viking Sea


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Ship Statistics

Ship Type:
Cruise Ship
Gross Registered Tonnages:
674 ft
83 ft
21 knots
Wartsila Marine Industries

Cruise Ship History

Ship Name
Ship Illustration
2004 to Present
AlbatrosPhoenix ReisenAlbatros
2002 to 2005
Crown Mare NostrumSpanish Cruise LinesCrown Mare Nostrum
2002 to 2002
CrownCrown InvestmentsCrown
1997 to 2002
Norwegian StarNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Star
1991 to 1997
Royal OdysseyRoyal Cruise LineRoyal Odyssey
1973 to 1991
Royal Viking SeaRoyal Viking LineRoyal Viking Sea
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