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Voyager of the Seas - Review

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Cruise Ship: Voyager of the Seas
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
Ship Rating: 7.8/10
Destination: Asia

By Philkerrynhawkins
2016-12-21 05:41:24

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Ship Review: This was our first cruise, it was a lovely experience. We had adjoining Grand suites and with mum, dad and 4 kids(older teens) it worked very well.
We did not see any shows with the ship performers, but did see the ice show and a headliner from Twain, she was good, but only spoke her own language.
The pool was a hit as was the flowrider. We also enjoyed a family game of PutPut.
We enjoyed most of our meals and our most enjoyed meal was dinner at chops.
All up we enjoyed our first ever cruise and look forward to the next one.
This was a cruise in Asia and seemed to be an older age base.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Norwegian Getaway - Review

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Cruise Ship: Norwegian Getaway
Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line
Ship Rating: 9.8/10
Destination: Caribbean - Western

By Yenjun
2016-12-10 13:41:09

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Ship Review:
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Norwegian Spirit - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Norwegian Spirit
Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line
Ship Rating: 5/10
Destination: Mediterranean - All

By Tourist101
2016-12-10 12:45:26

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Ship Review: Norwegian Cruise Line was highly recommended to us as one of the leading companies in offering great cruise experiences and in providing high quality service. 

However, after participating in the recent cruise Barcelona-Venice in October 2016, we encountered a certain number of negative issues on board, which in our view, are important to raise to the attention of the company. 

1. The first and one of the most important issues is the new regulation about the drinking water, which is not allowed to be taken on board.

On the embarkation day we bought a lot of drinking water to take on board, as we did on the last cruise. Our group consisted of three adults and three children; and their mother was recently ill so in order to maintain a good health condition,  her doctor highly recommended to drink  at least two litres of water  a day. 
So we bought 5-7 gallons of water and arrived happily at the port.

The porters who helped with the baggage, were almost ready to take the drinking water with the rest of the baggage, but because the bag with the water was half open  they were afraid that some water bottles might fall out. That was the only reason not to hand in the water, and they  kindly suggested to take the drinking water with our hand baggage. 
In order to reduce the weight of the overall water, we put some water bottles in the suitcases in front of porters and security. No one said to us anything about the new regulation that the drinking water is not allowed to be taken on board. 

To our great astonishment, after handing in the baggage and passing all security checks, right at the main entrance at the deck 7 - we were informed in a quite rude manner of speech, that no one is allowed to take in drinking water on board as according to new regulations. The water can be purchased on board. Ultimately, our water was confiscated. 

We have not seen any notice in the tickets about new rules and regulations regarding water.

 We were told that the reason for not allowing to take drinking water on board is the prevention of possible terrorism. This is reasonable, yet, why then no one took out water bottles from the handed in baggage?  In addition, when we were passing the security check with our hand baggage with water bottles - they did not say a word about new regulation. We can not find any explanation to that case, and consequently another important question arises, namely the security issue.

Does it mean that the handed in baggage is just loaded on the ship without any examination or security check up, so that theoretically everyone can take on board anything dangerous?
This does not make any sense, that just in front of the entrance of the ship our water was confiscated, whereas one can take the same water or anything else on board in the handed in baggage.

All in all, during the whole cruise we had to buy water on board which resulted in  huge unexpected expenses. Our group of six people, consisting of three children and three adults , who are used to a normal daily water intake (at least 1.5 litters per day) - was exposed to no other choice than to spend daily almost $70 for water, considering that the price for one litre of water is $7. 

We could not allow to spend so much money on a daily basis and we were told as an alternative, that the tab water is suitable for drinking on board. We tried to drink tab water from time to time, which frankly speaking is stinky, and children were reluctant to drink it a lot. 
The worst part of it, was that after drinking the tab water, most of our group members got sick with infectious disease.
As a result, the youngest daughter of the family was taken by the emergency to the hospital in Venice and parents spent with her the whole night in emergency. Due to the sickness, she had all dehydration symptoms, and the doctor on board refused to install drop counter on the ship, so she had to be taken to the hospital. Thankfully, the last night of the cruise the ship was at port, but what if that had happened during the time at sea?

As a result of this regulation - we were not able to get the normal amount of water that we are used to, we had experienced dehydration symptoms, and the overall cruise experience became really negative.

2. The service charges on board. 

Firstly, unfounded high charges for drinking water. 

Secondly, we still do not understand why the charges on board of the European - Mediterranean cruise are made in dollars. Moreover, if one uses credit card on board additional 3% are charged, as well as the conversion rates are taken at not the best rates.

Thirdly, to do laundry -  we have calculated, that if doing two laundries for cleaning one pair of jeans - the charge would be equal to the price of a new pair of jeans. Just for a comparison: we have been to another cruise operated by other company, and they had washing machines for public services with coins. 

Another example is with complimentary restaurants. Once we went to the Japanese complimentary restaurant, however, only small part of the menu was free of charge. We had to pay for the main courses, as the meals offered in a  free of charge section were not enough to have a normal dinner. 

Besides, the prices of the excursions, to our minds, are unreasonably high. For instance, the price for the excursion to the Rome and Vatican was $400 per person, that was offered on cruise.  We decided to go on our own and hired a taxi with a private guide. He took us to the main sightseeings in Rome, made any stops as requested, and then back. We paid for that private tour $250-300 for several people.

We have such an impression, that as soon as one gets on board - one is expected to pay for almost everything, despite the purchased itinerary.
For example, even to play a billiard with children - one has to pay for it.
It also important to mention, the daily charges per person and daily included gratuities.

3.  Competence of the personnel at the front desk

One more unpleasant experience we had was with the work of the personnel at the main reception desk (guest service). Generally the personnel was polite, listened to all enquiries and was willing to help.

However, to our surprise they frequently forgot simple requests, such as not to call to the cabin, as kids might be sleeping and to leave instead a note or a letter.

Moreover, we made an enquiry in advance that was very important to us for our further plans on the day of disembarkation. Since the person at the desk could not give us a straight reply, he promised to get back to us as soon as possible. We had waited for 2 days! As it turned out, he simply forgot his promise. And similar cases repeated during the cruise. 

Besides, a couple of times we kindly asked to bring to our room water bottles as soon as possible, as children were thirsty, but after a long wait, no one came.
Similarly, a mini bar with water bottles was closed in one of our cabins. We asked to open it, but we had to wait for almost a day for that. On the next day, it was closed again. 
Consequently, we personally went to discuss those issues at  the front desk at the guest service reception.
We spent a plenty of time to explain the situation, the personnel politely listened to our query, then asked for a supervisor, and we had to spend another 20-30 talking about the same issue. As a result, the supervisor provided us with the phone number of one of the offices in Miami, stating, that if we wanted to find out the reason about ignorance and such delays in service we had to approach the manager in Miami office. Would it count as a competent dealing with clients matter? Just to add, that that type of call would incur again high roaming charges, but would not make a change to the simple request - to deliver water faster, so that children do not have to wait for hours for that simple request. 

Another example of inaccurate processing of information and documentation we experienced when visiting a doctor. Having visited doctor for a couple of times, we also had to wait and had to remind personally to send to us doctors documents regarding the visit, as otherwise, the responsible person simply forgot to do that. After the last visit to the doctor, we have not received the documents yet. 

The last disappointing issue with the responses from the personnel, but not the least, was the response to our query for assistance on the last morning of the cruise. I have already  mentioned above, that the youngest daughter was taken to the hospital in Venice and stayed there with her parents overnight. Before the disembarkation, we called at the reception to ask for assistance with the hand luggage, as well as to receive any kind of assistance in case we have to wait in a long line, as we wanted to get off the ship as soon as possible in order to reach the hospital. 

Having explained our special situation, we were allowed to use the room for additional 40 minutes (thank you), but at the same time we have received a very cold denial for the assistance  with the luggage as well as any kind of help in a faster disembarkation.
This is not good at all.

4. Internet

We live in such a technically advanced age. We understand, that the Internet on the ship must be more expensive as that on land. Yet, to pay $1 per minute!? In addition, the overall condition of the internet connection is far from  good and the Internet was not available on the last evening and on the last morning of the cruise, even for the pay. 

Bearing all that in mind, we understand that there are certain regulations in the cruise company, that can not be changed.  However, we believe that certain steps will be undertaken by the company to improve the service. We  have to say that we are really disappointed with the level of service on board.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Norwegian Dawn - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Cruise Ship: Norwegian Dawn
Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line
Ship Rating: 10/10
Destination: Bermuda

By Jsimas82988
2016-11-01 11:33:06

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Ship Review:
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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MSC Divina - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: MSC Divina
Cruise Line: MSC Cruises
Ship Rating: 3.9/10
Destination: Caribbean - Eastern

By Roger9364
2016-09-03 15:26:13

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Ship Review: This is our review of the MSC Divina cruise that took place over Aug 27 through Sept 3 of 2016. I will break this review into two parts, first, what MSC did right and secondly what they did wrong (IMO)

The ship stopped at St Maartn, which is always beautiful and a great place to stop, San Juan, which is nice if you’ve not seen it before, and Nassau which is an armpit of the Caribbean. They even notify you that you should not stray off the “tourist” locations because of the rampant street crime there. I really don’t understand why the cruise lines don’t tell the Bahamas government that they will no longer stop there until they get their crimes cleaned up a bit. Seems to me that if you threaten to take away millions of tourist dollars to a country that basically survives off the tourist industry, they will do whatever it takes to get that situation under control. what they did right. Embarkation was a breeze. MSC had more than enough folks at the check in counter to keep the lines moving at a good pace. Plus they spaced out the time you were allowed to check in from noon until around 6 which held the massive crowd surge to a minimum. Disembarkation was also very smooth although we were a little late starting but I think that was more of a customs delay than MSC fault. Did hear a couple of very frustrated passengers cursing at the check out location, but not sure what that revolved around so I can’t say if it was something the traveler messed up on or MSC.

What they did wrong. First let me say that my wife and I are veteran cruises. We have cruised on just about every cruise line out there, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. I am having a difficult time coming up with much of anything that was positive about this cruise, once we actually got onto the ship.

It started when we entered our room on the 8th deck. We open the drapes out to the balcony and see nothing but a row of life boats. Now, like I said above, we are veterans at cruising and my wife is very good at making sure that we are in a room without obstructions. We doubled checked our boarding tickets, rechecked the website, checked everything we could think of and could not find anything that tell perspective cruisers that almost all of the balcony rooms on deck 8 have at least a partially obstructed view.

So we go down to the customer service desk to complain. While inline we hear two other guest complaining about the same thing. Now this has to be something that MSC deals with on a regular basis because they have stock answers for the complaints. First they try to blame the travel agent that booked the cruise. They then tell that you if booked online then you that you should have seen that the view is partially obstructed (which is does not say anywhere online). When we told them that we called and talked to an actual MSC agent and SPECIFICALLY told them we wanted a room with no obstructions, they then decided that our room wasn’t actually considered an obstructed view because the boats were not at eye level. I will attach a couple of photos taken from a seated position on my balcony and let the reader decide.

That gets me to the customer service person that we talked to. I am really sorry that I didn’t get her name, and we checked everyday afterwards and never saw her at the customer service desk again, which is good because she should not be allowed within 100 miles of any customer service position. She was rude, condescending, and basically implied that this was our fault because we were apparently too stupid to find the original construction plans to the ship to see where the life boats were positioned. They also told us that there were no other balcony rooms available, which we also knew was a lie but were not in a position to push back more.

At this point we decided to make the best of the situation and try to relax a little bit. We found what they referred to as the “Zen” pool area. Most ships that we have been on have an area that is adults only where you don’t have the loud dance music blaring all day long, so we figured the Zen pool would be a good place to go relax, drink a beer and try to calm down after our conversation with incredibly rude customer service person. We walk though the door to the pool are and immediately get blasted with Boom Boom Boom bass beat from some techno dance tune. Then we see multiple children running all around the pool area, so there goes our Zen moment.

The buffet restaurant is open so we now decide to get a bite to eat. I have been on a lot of ships, including the Epic which holds over 6,000 passengers, and I have never seen an eating area as crowded as this one. The food is organized like they want to make it difficult for you. For example, all I wanted was a simple salad. You have to get you plate at the wrong end of the bar, so you get your plate, then have to walk to the other end to get your lettuce. At first I thought this was just because everyone was getting on and they were all going to the restaurant at the same time, but the crowds were the same everyday, no matter what time you went. Lots of really rude people that will cut right in front of someone standing in line without as much as a simple excuse me. By the end of the cruise, I had made several non friends by calling them out on their rudeness.

So now we decide that we’ll wait until dinner and enjoy a good meal in the restaurant with great personalized service. Not so much….my table consisted of three ladies and myself. Our waiter comes over and I just assume that he’ll start taking orders from the ladies first….No….he comes straight to me. I was going to wait to see what everyone else was going to order. When I hesitated, he literally rolls his eyes at me, starts poking my wife in her arm telling her to start ordering. We had nothing special with our meal but had to ask twice for refills of ice water. The food was just flat out nasty. Worse food I’ve ever had on a cruise. I know that the cruise lines want to try and force folks into eating in their additional costs restaurants now, but they should still want to serve decent food to the regular guest that don’t want to spend that additional 40 – 50 bucks a day. The only defense that I can give our waiter is there was a large family of very demanding Asians sitting at the table next to us that consumed a lot of his attention.

Deck chairs by the pools were in rare supply because folks did exactly what they were asked not to do. They would go up first thing in the morning and lay claim to a chair and then only actually use the chair for maybe an hour or two while tying them up so no one else could use them. The ship staff appeared oblivious or just did not care that this was happening. There were a surprising number of European cruisers on this boat. I don’t mean that disparagingly, it was just odd to see this many European folks on a US based cruise. A quick hint to my fellow European cruisers. If you’re over 50 years old and 50 pounds overweight, wearing a Speedo or a tiny two piece bikini is NOT a good look for you….just saying. There are some things that just cannot be unseen.

The entertainment on the ship was pretty weak. We usually like to partake in a couple of the shows but there was nothing offered on this cruise that even remotely sounded interesting.

I could go on but I think I’ve rambled on enough. Bottom line is, I will NEVER cruise MSC again. I had wondered what the initials MSC stood for. After this cruise I think its Massively Sucky Cruises,

Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Queen Elizabeth - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Cruise Ship: Queen Elizabeth
Cruise Line: Cunard Line
Ship Rating: 10/10
Destination: Europe - Northern

By Subbuteo2
2016-08-31 17:40:07

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Ship Review: Absolutely superb ship. First time with Cunard and I did not like some of the pre-cruise admin and booking systems. However, once on board, what a dream! Superb decor, great cabin, lounges and bars just right, food and especially service, to die for. What we really liked (in comparison to our most cruised Princess line) is that in the bars and lounges in the evening the music does not drown out conversation. The music is not over-amplified at all. Quite simply my view of Cunard was completely turned around once we got to Southampton. 20 minutes from arriving to going into the cabin!
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Brilliance of the Seas - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarThree Quarters StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Brilliance of the Seas
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
Ship Rating: 6.7/10
Destination: Caribbean - Western

By FirefightermanSC
2016-08-18 19:17:16

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Ship Review: Our eleven cruise on a much smaller ship at 90,000 tons. The Brilliance of the Seas is not a ship with the bells and whistles but it did meet our expectations with regards to cruising with friends. With four couples trying to plan around a work schedule and limited vacation time we scheduled the 5 night cruise out of Tampa with two ports. We travel from S.C. to Wildwood, Florida for a one night stay than on too the port the next morning. We use Parking Doctors of which we were very pleased with. Drop off at the port and pick up both met our expectations with them.
Boarding the Brilliance was a breeze, arriving around the port at 11:00 AM and was on the boat within 20 minutes. Note that the Brilliance was the only ship in port at this time. Porters grab our bags as soon as we arrived at port. Than it was up the escalator to check-in to get the sea passes.
Here’s what we like and disliked about the cruise.

The likes.
Food was good in the Windjammer Café and the Minstrel Dinning Room. We ate at Rita’s Cantina for nachos that were very good one day but there is a cost $4.50 for Nacho’s, we liked much of the entertainment on board. The Quest Game on the last night of the cruise was just outrageous and funny the Spring breakers did make this game fun. The Band in the Centrum “Kronos” was one of the best I have ever heard live. I think they were a hit with everyone on board. All are very talented. The helipad was open and you could walk out to it in the very front of the ship, we took nice pictures there. The comedian was funny that told jokes in the Pacific Theater and the other that was a ventriloquist doing songs was excellent. We loved the Solarium area pool. Very quiet and relaxing area.
Month of March is Spring Break and there was lots of Spring Breakers onboard. Some drink to much and got out of hand, word was some were jumping from balcony to balcony and were kicked off the boat in Cozumel, which they deserved no doubt. No Banana daiquiris at all on this boat we have cruise with Carnival and NCL and they do have that flavor onboard. There was a lack of bar attendants walking around to take orders for drinks. The towel police was too aggressive, one tried to take our towels while we were in the pool swimming evening with our books and bags on the chairs. People do have to leave for bathroom breaks and such at times. The TV account in the room was always out of service so daily I had to go to the front desk to get my updated invoice. Chops Grill was a disappointment at a $70 surcharge a couple, I don’t know why Royal can’t do Ribeye Steaks, my New York Strip Steak was little over cooked and made it tough to eat. The Band in the Centrum area we watch one night from the floor above across from Next Cruise office is, I did not like the fact the young lady working in the office after it closed had a fit because we move some of the chairs out of the room to the balcony over looking the Centrum to watch the band.

In summary I thought this was a great cruise. The couples we were with made it more so. No this ship does not have the wow factor, it’s a basis cruise but you can have fun with the game shows and excursions and being with friends. I would not do Brilliance again.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
This user does not recommend this cruise ship

Carnival Freedom - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
Cruise Ship: Carnival Freedom
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 9.5/10
Destination: Caribbean - All

By CarnivalCruiser18
2016-07-27 18:00:06

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Ship Review: First Carnival cruise was on the Freedom, and this what got me hooked on Carnival! The ship was huge! Loved everything about it!
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Carnival Legend - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Cruise Ship: Carnival Legend
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 10/10
Destination: Alaska - Inside Passage

By CarnivalCruiser18
2016-07-27 17:49:23

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Ship Review: Yes I gave the Carnival Legend 10 stars on everything, why? Because it was an amazing cruise!! The staff was friendly, the food was great, the shows were amazing, and the ship itself was just beautiful! Not a single boring minute on this cruise! Second cruise with Carnival and definitely not the last either!!
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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- Review

Half StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship:
Cruise Line:
Ship Rating: 0.5/10
Destination: Alaska - Inside Passage

By Sadtraveller
2016-07-07 12:54:11

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Ship Review: We had been long time Oceania customers till our May 20th 2016 cruise to Alaska. We had been booked to board in Vancouver and disembark in Victoria but 11 days before we were to leave we were told disembarking in Victoria was impossible and we would have to disembark in Seattle but not to worry we would be transported to Vancouver somehow. Due to medical issues long road trips are not recommended for me so we suggested flying from Seattle to Vancouver. This request was never acknowledged and no time-frame was provided to resolve the transportation issues, so we cancelled the trip. This was fortunate since the eventual method of transportation provided by the cruise line from Seattle to Vancouver was a 4 hour road trip. Even though we had a written and confirmed contract for our original arrangements, and the final transportation offered by Oceania could have been very risky for someone with my condition, the cruise line refused to accept our cancellation and refund our costs. Needless to say we have cancelled our 2017 Greenland cruise with Oceania and will never sail with them again. So beware that this cruise line does not stand behind their promises.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
This user does not recommend this cruise ship
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