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Celebrity Equinox - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Celebrity Equinox
Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises
Ship Rating: 5.5/10
Destination: Caribbean - Eastern

By RangerBob1951
2018-04-26 15:41:05

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Ship Review: Really bad cruise experience. Intent of trip was rest and relaxation after a very busy Fall. On first night we were not allowed in main dining area because I had on shorts and a golf shirt. We were directed to a buffet area where the food was average or below for the entire trip. I was trying to escape the daily suit and tie scene so we definitely selected the wrong ship for our trip. I had been in the Mediterranean on Royal Caribbean earlier in the year with a business group and was always welcomed in the dining room with my Polo shorts & shirt. They actually allow adults to decide what to wear to dinner. Some guy actually wore a black & yellow Pittsburg Steelers logo sport coat and slacks to dinner and that was okay??? So, if your goal is to get away from the corporate grind and chill out in the Caribbean, go with Royal Caribbean. Celebrity is not fun and they think it is still 1980 when men wanted to wear a tux on a cruise ship !
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Carnival Inspiration - Review

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Cruise Ship: Carnival Inspiration
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 6.8/10
Destination: Caribbean - Western

By Shawmilla
2018-03-10 11:06:01

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Ship Review: This was our second cruise and our first on Carnival. It was ok, different compared to the time of our Royal Caribbean/Honeymoon Cruise (what could top that? lol). Smaller ship, food was ok, there was not a lot t do, to be fair, I don’t really think we knew how to enjoy the ship. My friend got married onboard so we were able to get on early and do a little exploring before it filled up! The decor was fine to me at the time and so was the room. We had a ocean view, I’m sure there have been upgrades since we sailed, I would give her/him another whirl!
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Carnival Ecstasy - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Carnival Ecstasy
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 6.1/10
Destination: Bahamas

By Shawmilla
2018-03-10 10:56:19

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Ship Review: This was a “girls trip” kinda lol. Took my mom for her 56th birthday. My daughter and cousin also came along! The ship was dated, and I had mold in my shower! It was immediately addressed, but still! It’s a smaller ship in my opinion. The room Stewart made my moms day calling her by her name and wishing her a happy birthday. She enjoyed the attention on her birthday so that made it great! The Motown show was nice and we enjoyed it. Food, same ole same ole!
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Carnival Elation - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Carnival Elation
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 5/10
Destination: Caribbean - Western

By Shawmilla
2018-03-10 10:50:02

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Ship Review: The Elation was ok, food was so, so. Boring itinerary. Progress was a waste of time. Carnival needs to make sure they sail to places with things to do other than buy trinkets from the locals. Wasn’t entertained, it was nice to get away and I’m sure this was an inexpensive cruise and that’s why I booked it. The ship was outdated when we cruised, I believe it’s been updated. We sailed 3 years ago...I think with some of the pictures I’ve been seeing, I would give her/him another whirl. Same food, different ship :/.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Carnival Imagination - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Carnival Imagination
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 5.5/10
Destination: Mexico - Baja

By Shawmilla
2018-03-10 10:39:42

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Ship Review: I did not care for this ship, it was out of Long Beach California. There was wires all over the deck (I guess to detour the birds), they were on the decks seeking scraps. The customer service desk was horrible, the water was BROWN! It turned my White wash cloth a disgusting brown color and when I reported it to the customer service, they brushed it off and offered me a measly credit. I was horrified that they were possibly washing dishes and cooking with this crud! They espressed something about “the water line and the vibration” was the reason and that it would clear up once at sea. I was out done. Yes, I was up at 2am and wanted to brush my teeth, so what...they should tell people not to use the water or have a back up system until they “make it out to sea”, I did enjoy Catalina Island, we had a nice time. There was nothing really to do in Ensenada, they could have made it another sea day. Overall, I did not care for the imagination and have no desire to sail on him/her again, nor do I wish to sail out of Long Beach.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
This user does not recommend this cruise ship

Carnival Dream - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Carnival Dream
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 8.8/10
Destination: Caribbean - All

By Shawmilla
2018-03-10 10:27:57

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Ship Review: Cabin 8357, we had a great time on the Dream. It was a 9 day family cruise, it was our children’s 1st cruise, my birthday and our 12th wedding Anniversary. The Dream was our first BIG ship! It was a lot of fun, the kids enjoyed the camps and our room was cool. A balcony for 4. We know that the Dream is older, but still a bunch of fun.
I only wish Carnival had more options for those that don’t eat Pork...I think the decor could be updated. Just my 2 cents. Lol
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Carnival Breeze - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Cruise Ship: Carnival Breeze
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Ship Rating: 10/10
Destination: Caribbean - Western

By Shawmilla
2018-03-10 10:18:38

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Ship Review: Loved everything about the Breeze, except leaving out of Galveston! I was on pin and needles worring about a Fog delay. Thankfully, it was clear blues skies when we sailed! Guys burgers, Fahrenheit 555, seaside theater, layout of the ship, decor....did I mention, I love the BREEZE?!!! Had a fabulous balcony room on the Lido deck with a low key doorway that led right to our cabin and was steps away from the food! 10290, great location! Would definitely sail on her/him again! Lol
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
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Silver Shadow - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarThree Quarters StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Silver Shadow
Cruise Line: Silversea Cruises
Ship Rating: 3.7/10
Destination: Asia

By Joel
2017-12-10 21:39:26

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Ship Review: Luxury is the most abused word used by cruise companies; it is an attempt to mislead consumers. Silversea plays a con game because it is, based on my recent experience, very far from being a true luxury cruise line such as Seabourn, Regent or Azamara. The Silver Shadow should have received a major renovation and refurbishment some years ago. Every other passenger on our cruise who had previous experience with true luxury cruises agreed with our view that Silversea was a major disappointment in a number of ways; this was true for people from different countries. One of the first shocks was the terrible television system in cabins; more like 20 year old technology than what one gets in modern cruise ships. Much of the food was disappointing, either bland or overly salted, and with too little variety. Nearly always meats of any kind were overcooked. There was no coffee and tea bar with snacks that one could go to at any time; something that true luxury ships offer. Amazingly, there was only one computer for the whole ship that passengers could use. Like us, many others were also disappointed with the entertainment and with many of the excursions. More importantly, cabins were either very hot or cold. Even more disturbing, at least half of the passengers became sick with coughing, nasal problems and other symptoms; if there was effective government regulation of cruise ships, then the one we were on would be required to undergo a very thorough cleaning and sanitizing before beginning another itinerary.
On the plus side, the selection of wines was very good and the service was very good nearly all of the time. My advice is to dig deep for information to avoid falling for the luxury scam being marketed by Silversea and other cruise companies.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
This user does not recommend this cruise ship

Norwegian Epic - Review

Full StarQuarter StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Norwegian Epic
Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line
Ship Rating: 1.2/10
Destination: Europe - Western

By Pet_pet
2017-11-06 20:24:57

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Ship Review:
Norweigian Cruise Line -- Epic

1: we will never use this line again ever
2: the design of the ship is terrible. this ship is the only one made in France and that was a big mistake having them design it and build it Really France!!
3: you have only 2 main ways of going up and down -- either you walk to the bow or to the stern there is no middle stairs or elevators
4: the first day there was a broken light over the sink in our room that we were told would be fixed that day . well it took us taking away the tip from the room service and then it got fixed so fast.
5: we were suppose to have bath robes also never got them
6: the food was just so so if that -- not like our other cruises on Carnival and Royal Carrib
7: the main desk on the 5th floor well you had to scream to let the people hear you behind the desk. terrible design. they and disco, movies, shows, bingo, and other crap on the other side from the main desk on 5 there should only be a piano with maybe a bass player so you can talk normal everyone behind the desk said it was terrible they had to scream so you can hear them
8: when I did have to talk to the front desk with a problem they thought I was stupid really!
9: the best people on this ship were the art people really fantasic
10: not a good ship at best. an old steam tramp would have been better
11: ship was update they say in 2015 but to look at her inside she looks like a dump they need to dry dock this ship and do a serious overhall of her. She is not maintained but the crew and talking with them they are not happy at all


1:not well keep
2: broken light fixed 5 days later
3: AC was bad first days wife almost past out it was so hot and the a/c was all the way down
I had to go to the front desk and bitch to make them understand what I was saying
4: just terrible
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
This user does not recommend this cruise ship

Celebrity Infinity - Review

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull StarQuarter StarBlank Star
Cruise Ship: Celebrity Infinity
Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises
Ship Rating: 8.3/10
Destination: Pacific Coastal

By FredR500
2017-09-30 18:13:14

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Ship Review: We are longtime cruisers, with at least 13 cruises and over 110 days at sea. My point is we have cruised before; Caribbean, Transatlantic, Bermuda, Alaska, Pacific coast. We’ve been on Princess, HAL, NCL, Carnival and Celebrity. With that background here is my review of my Pacific Coast cruise on Celebrity’s Infinity 9/17-24/2017.

We booked this cruise based 100% on the itinerary. It started in Vancouver, then Seattle, Astoria OR, sea day, San Francisco, Monterey CA, Santa Barbara CA and ended in Laos Angeles.

The Infinity is beginning to show its age. The décor and artwork are not up to today’s standards, wear and tear was evident in many places, but all things considered it is a good ship. The staterooms were bigger than I expected and the baths were spacious compared to many others. The ship’s layout was pretty typical, we had no trouble finding anything and after a day or so easily found our way around the ship.

The entertainment seemed to be a cut above what we’ve seen elsewhere. The magician Chris Funk was very entertaining, funny and mystifying. He did an evening show and an afternoon up close show. Both were well attended and well accepted. Lou Gazzara is a very talented singer from Las Vegas that also did an evening show and an afternoon performance. The final headliner was a Billy Joel tribute performer that played piano and sung. I didn’t record his name but I wish I had, he was also excellent. And to show he was willing to do whatever was needed for us to have great entertainment, the piano player for Lou Gazzara couldn’t perform that night and he filled in on the piano.

But we all cruise for the food don’t we? Breakfast and lunch were as expected, all the standards and more (a poached egg station?) were available, no surprises, no disappointments. Our dinner staff was excellent. For some reason there were 6 empty tables around us and our seven top was our staff’s only table. The five dinners we ate there were all first rate. No complaints.

Qsine is a $45 specialty restaurant that is as much an experience as it is a meal. Every diner is given an iPad as the menu. There are 20 choices and if you like you can get them all. Each is a small plate and I believe we had 7 plus dessert for the two of us. Each item was a work of art and even though the menu described the items each was a surprise when it hit the table. I highly recommend checking it out.

It’s very hard to get everything perfect, and the two failures on this cruise were bad enough for us to decide we will not return to Celebrity.

The first was the Chef’s Table dinner. These are usually only offered once per cruise and only seat a few people. We had 8 guests and an officer at the table. I think the best way to describe the Celebrity’s Chef’s Table (CTC) is to compare it to our last Princess CT. The Princess CT (PCT) started the day before, we all met with the Executive Chef and Sommelier to discuss the menu and our likes/dislikes/allergies, etc. They then went off to prepare the food and wine pairing. The CTC started with an invitation in our cabin stating time and place to meet. Both CTs met outside the galley. PCT gave us all white chef’s jackets and taught us proper handwashing technique before allowing us to proceed. They then brought us into the galley where we again met the Executive Chef and the Sommelier. There was an ice carving on a table surrounded by appetizers on a spoon and a small glass of wine for each of us. The next app was also served there, with another wine. We then toured the galley, hung up our jackets and were led to a table. Each seat had a small loaf of bread with our name written in chocolate for a place card.

CTC met outside the galley, we posed for a group picture, then went on a brief galley tour. From there we were led to our table and found our seats by the paper nametags.

On the PCT we were served more appetizers (a total of 6), each arriving on a tray with fresh cut flowers. Followed by soup and sorbet. The main course was Roast Veal Shank and Beef Tenderloin carved tableside, followed by dessert.

The CTC had one appetizer, soup and salad. Sorbet was on the menu but not served. Main course was a choice of Filet or Turbot. Dessert was a “Chocolate Sphere. “ a hollow ball of chocolate filled with a fruit filling. They told us that usually they light the chocolate and it melts into a smooth dessert but for safety they would not light them. Instead we had to use our spoons to break our way through the hard shell to get to the inside. It may have been good melted, but as served everyone just had a few bites and pushed it away.

PCT cost $200/couple, CTC was $250/couple. We left very disappointed.

Second problem was with the only shore excursion was the only shore excursion we booked through Celebrity. We were in Santa Barbara on Saturday and my wife decided she wanted to see the Reagan Library, a $129 excursion. I filled out the form on Thursday and dropped it in the box at 3pm. On Friday morning (the excursion was on Saturday) we got a phone call at 6:22am. We had nothing planned and our intention was to sleep in a little. But a phone call at 6:22am ended that idea. The caller said she had just seen our request (shore excursion was open for 2 hours the night before) and it was no longer available. Yes, we got a very early morning phone call to tell us our trip for the next day wasn’t available.

I got madder and madder throughout the day and finally decided I needed to talk to someone. I went to the excursion desk when it opened and asked to talk to the manager. The staffer on duty asked what it was about and I said I just needed to talk to him. She said I needed to explain the whole story to her and she would decide if I could speak with him. I left and went to guest services who called him and had him come talk to me. He heard the story and promised to look into it.

A few hours later he called back, apologized, said “the girl has been reprimanded and apologized” and that we were now booked on the trip.

The tickets say to go to the theater at 8:30am. We sat in the theater until 9:45, at which point we had to tender to the pier and walk to the bus. In route the tour guide said our time would be limited to 2 hours at the Library due to our late start, that usually there was 2 ½ - 3 hours. They were ready to leave on time, the ship delayed our exit and we were cut short. No one felt there was enough time to see the library. There was also a stop at the Paramount Ranch to see some old movie sets. Everyone on our bus asked if we could skip that and stay longer but she said she had to take us. When we arrived at the ranch she said due to traffic we only had 5 minutes there, but the driver said he could avoid traffic and we could spend half an hour. Everyone was back on the bus in about 15 minutes, it was a worthless stop to us.

And by the way, there were 16 empty seats on the “full tour.”

A few words on the staff and I’ll end. The main dining room staff was great. Everywhere else the focus seemed to be on them and not the guests. We were expected to yield to them when walking anywhere. They would never step aside or avoid us, we always had to give way. One waiter on the buffet are walked down the line singing “love me, love me, like I love you. I love you all my guests.” Two staff (again, not the main DR) told us “you will get a survey, please mark all employees a 10. If there is something you didn’t like write it in the comments, but you have to grade us a 10 or we won’t get raises and bonuses. Always rate everything a 10 or it is bad for all of us.”

Was it a good trip? Yes. Did I have a good time? Yes. Am I glad I went? Yes. Will I cruise again? Yes. On Celebrity? No. We have a choice where we spend our money, that choice will most likely be Princess. I had heard that Celebrity was trying to be the upscale brand to the Royal Caribbean sister brand, if so they need to keep trying.
Ship RatingConditionLayoutAmenitiesServiceFoodEntertainment
This user does not recommend this cruise ship
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