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Costa Concordia - Costa Cruises

Sunk - 2006 to 2012
Costa Concordia
Topic: Disaster - Fallout
Lido - Posted 10 years ago   Report this comment
Do you think this disaster is going to hurt the cruise industry?
Overboard - Posted 10 years ago   Report this comment
I'm sure it will!
Croixlmt - Posted 9 years ago   Report this comment
It may not be seen for a bit, but I know several of my friends have canceled their cruise plans out of fear.

I think it is sooo important that everyone know their way around their ship as soon as possible and that the lifeboat drills, however "inconvenient" for the guests, should include a walkabout out to their lifeboat station. Many passengers dont even realize that they are just a doorway away from the outer deck on many of these ships. The crew and cruise lines definitely have a responsibility to show as much as they can, but each passenger has a personal responsibility to know their way around their ship, and know where the exits are!!
Starrider - Posted 9 years ago   Report this comment
I agree, Croixlmt. I ALWAYS pay attention to the muster drills (same goes for safety briefings on airlines). My life could depend on it. The boisterous drunk at the drill who is disruptive and complaining is the one who ends up on the casualty list when things go bad. A ship at sea can be a dangerous place, best to be as prepared as possible. Check out cruise bruise dot com if you want to see just how many things that can go wrong out there.
Kaozci - Posted 9 years ago   Report this comment
yes, it will do

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