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Queen of Bermuda - Bermuda Star Line

Transferred - 1988 to 1990
Queen of Bermuda


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Ship Statistics

Ship Type:
Ocean Liner
Gross Registered Tonnages:
614 ft
N/A ft
N/A knots

Cruise Ship History

Ship Name
Ship Illustration
1996 to 2004
Universe ExplorerWorld Explorer LinesUniverse Explorer
1990 to 1996
Enchanted SeasCommodore Cruise LineEnchanted Seas
1988 to 1990
Queen of BermudaBermuda Star LineQueen of Bermuda
1988 to 1988
Canada StarBermuda Star LineCanada Star
1985 to 1986
LiberteAmerican Hawaii CruisesLiberte
1978 to 1984
VolendamHolland America LineVolendam
1975 to 1978
Monarch SunMonarch Cruise LinesMonarch Sun
1972 to 1975
VolendamHolland America LineVolendam
1958 to 1969
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