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Stardancer - Admiral Cruises

Sold - 1986 to 1987
Topic: No Scandinavia?
Croixlmt - Posted 10 years ago   Report this comment
I have uploaded a pic of the MS SCANDINAVIA, of Scandinavian World Cruises, from 1982. She was a bold new project from DFDS Seaways, and I was so excited because at the time I was working for Barber Steamship Lines in NYC, and we were their agents. I dreamed that I would get to work for the passenger line finally!!! It was a short lived and unsuccessful service (thanks Jones Act) and was ended with her being shipped back to Denmark for a bit, then sold to Admiral Cruises to replace the Sundancer that sank in Vancouver I think. She still sails as the Island Escape, and though she isn't the biggest, brightest or most luxurious ship, ANYONE I know who worked or sailed on her said she was friendly fun and good to sail on. Who knew???
Webecruzin2 - Posted 6 years ago   Report this comment
My first cruise was on this ship out of New York in March of 1983 to Freeport.
Talk about baptism by fire! Oy!
It was carrying cars in the cargo hold and we sailed through a terrible storm near Cape Hatteras, with 25 ft swells.
I saw this storm approaching on my local weather channel before we left so took Bonine as soon as we got on board. So glad I did because people were sick everywhere by the time we went through the storm the next day.
No one was allowed outside and people were sleeping in the hallways in the middle of the ship.
Our cabins were up top forward so it was like zero gravity walking down that hall, literally holding on to the rails, feet off the ground.
We made it through okay and had a great time but heard that alot of the cars got damaged.
So funny, 20 years later a coworker told me he was on that same exact cruise. He and his wife left the ship in Freeport to fly home.
It was a fun time though. Nice ship and the crew were just great although we partied a little too much with them and our waiter got fired for dancing with us in the disco. We felt so bad but didn't know he wasn't supposed to do that.

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